In Which I Reveal a Title, Plot, and Characters

Life struck last week, and by life I mean wisdom teeth surgery, clep tests, and some form of head cold. Maybe it’s time for a nice easy update. Oh, I know- how about a writing update? This is a writing blog, after all, and I did promise to write blog posts about my works-in-progress.

So here you go: this is the first official post on the subject of my non-sequel, and I have few bits of news to share. Hang onto your hats, kids, because it will be an awesome ride.

First and foremost, I have chosen the title. Drumroll…


Yes, Alen’s War it is. I was trying so hard to avoid YA-cliche titles and still score decently high with this neat little titlescorer that I overthought it. At last, after boiling the story down to its essence, I’m satisfied that this title does the trick.

Secondly, what on earth is the story about? Right now I can only give you a rough summary. Yet who knows? I might end up keeping this as the basis for my official blurb.

Alen, the son of the king of Agran, is given a simple secret task: find an insurrectionist named Galer and bring him back quietly to the capital for trial. Yet with one tragic mistake Alen destroys a town and helps Galer to set off a full-blown rebellion. Soon Agran is embroiled in civil war and Alen himself is captured by raiders, who only lead him to wreak more havoc on his homeland.

When Alen finally returns to his father, he realizes that Agran is out to have his head and that his only hope for acquittal is to do his part and fight to end the war. He recruits Brandis, an old companion from his raiding days, and Turomar, an ill-disposed surveyor with a brain for strategy. All three of them want to end the war, but their own dark secrets haunt them at every turn and foil their plans.

Finally, characters. I have a small cast this time, at least compared to the twenty named characters in Son of Ren. (Why, yes, I did write an encyclopedia of names; how under the sun did you guess?) This time I have room for a few details on the characters themselves; namely, a picture of how I imagine them, their personality type, and a few thoughts about them.

Alen is a little older than this, but it’s close enough. (image credit)

Alen: ISFJ. I love writing this young esquire because he is so much like my sister Grace Olivia. Alen is innocent and pure-hearted, yet it is his fierce loyalty that causes him so much trouble. And he’s adorably naive about pretty much everything except literature and crossbows. My hope is that we can all identify with Alen to some extent.

Galer: ENFJ. The aforementioned insurrectionist was the hardest to figure out. Even as I type, I still have questions about the finer points of Galer’s personality. At heart, though, he and Alen are one and the same: they both are pure-hearted and loyal to their country. It’s just that their loyalty leads them to fight on different sides.

Brandis: ISTP. I chuckle every time I think about this raider. He loves weapons and has a dark sense of humor, yet he still speaks with the vocabulary of Shakespeare and keeps dark secrets hidden behind his smirk. Even in my imagination he was such an enigma that I had to figure him out.

Turomar: INTJ, the schemer. He’s just an architect in a seaside town, yet he has the mental capacity to end wars. At the same time, Turomar has a lot of emotional and ethical issues to work through. He has a dark past and focuses all his strength on making his own future bright, and he thinks no one can be trusted to help him with that.

That is all I can tell you right now. No more spoilers.

Want to share about your current project? Do you have any questions about mine? You can write it all in the comments.

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