What a Writer Does When She’s Not Writing

So today I finished the “final” draft of Alen’s War.

How’s that for some bathos?

I didn’t want to think about biology or literature or any other such college stuff, so instead I dressed up three of my siblings as well-to-do 1920s folk and dragged them to a school parking lot. Then we filmed a slapstick video about the misfortunes of a dandy named Charlie.

Why do I share this on the writing blog? To prove that the old “show, don’t tell” rule is easy enough for anybody to understand- including my ten-year-old sister. Check it out:

So now you know.


5 thoughts on “What a Writer Does When She’s Not Writing

  1. Congrats on finishing Alen’s War! I love the video, especially the costumes. I want to do something similar with my little sister now, and I know exactly how you feel with wanting to just get away from work! 😀


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