Quote Challenge Tag: Day One

Once again, gretald at Writing Like Crazy has nominated me for a tag! The good news: It’s all about quotes, things that I love to use to knock my blog readers off their feet with awesomeness. The bad news: It involves lots of tagging of bloggers, and historically I have been terrible at finding other bloggers who haven’t been tagged already. It must be an introvert thing. 

First, rules. Always rules.

  • Thank the person who nominated you (thank you heartily, gretald!)
  • Nominate 3 new bloggers everyday
  • Post a new quote everyday for 3 consecutive days

And now for the quote. No, I won’t do writing quotes this week because I talk about writing all of the time. Now we get a break.


‘Nuff said. My grandmother gave me a copy of this quote on my graduation, and it’s been on my mirror ever since. (Yes, I still do the paper on the mirror. #itsawritersthing)

Now, for the other bloggers whom I will drag into this adventure.

What is your favorite quote? Why is it so significant to you?

If you want me to tag you for the Quote Challenge, leave a comment with your blog address! 


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