Stopping by on Tuesday afternoon…

…to say that my blogging friend Ellyana J. Wenceslao has self-published her first novel!

The memory of the Great Battle against the Antheons is a story of long ago, now buried within the pages of history. But everything changes when one boy learns the truth: the Antheons live! Peter, an Antheon living among humans, has a necklace, a secret, and the Duke he calls friend. But when he discovers that the Duke has been hiding his dark history, Peter’s only choice is to leave or face death. As he runs doubts begin to set heavily, leaving him faced with the question: Can he ever trust anyone again? His answer: No. Forced to flee for his life, Peter embarks on a quest to find the lost Antheons – a quest were danger and adventure never seem to be more than a step away. But will Peter be able to overcome his own dark history and doubts before everything changes…again?

I blogged about this back in June, and I told you then that this is one book which actually got a spot on my “top ten re-readable books” list simply because it was so much fun. That hasn’t changed. I’m so excited for everyone to read this book.

Enough talk. Go pick up the thing on Amazon, “and we shall hear the tale that has never been told.”

6 thoughts on “Stopping by on Tuesday afternoon…

  1. And from the author of The Wings of Antheon, read Alen’s War while you’re at it!!! That is a book that never ceases to spark your imagination!
    Thanks for the post, Hannah!


    • Hmm, last I checked, I thought she was working with Amazon Kindle, but I don’t know. I’ll certainly ask her, but you could also drop over at her site and ask. She loves to chat about her book. 🙂


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