Two Warnings

It seems I have many updates this week… But these announcements are critically important. You must be warned. There is an evil which does not sleep.

First, my sister Grace has a blog of her own. But I don’t recommend it- no, not at all. Learned in the lore is the random musings of a nerd, with thoughts about Christianity, MBTI, fantasy, and King Arthur. Such dangerous, hateful things. If you dislike friendly, thoughtful posts about all things creative, do not- repeat- do not read this blog. 

Then, my friend Elly posted a fun interview with one of my characters. Do not click the link to read it. You see, Elly is a dangerous type, too: a thoughtful Christian writer who just published her debut novel, and so she asks terribly good questions. If you have not read Alen’s War or are not interested in epic fantasy about pirates, you don’t want to see the chat with Alen at Chokmah&Kishron. Nor should you be sure to read all about her book.

Crisis averted. Good work, folks.

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