Video Week: Strange Soundtracks and Matt Chandler

Hello, friends.


You really thought I was dead this time, didn’t you?

As previously promised, I’m starting to share more videos and such on the blog. I’m starting a new blog category: Video Week, in which I will share one post every month that has- guess what– videos.  Get it? Got it? Good. I can’t promise to stick to a single theme/set of themes every month, but this week I’m sharing videos about soundtracks, abortion, and the election.

(P.S. Funny how I can just say “the election” and everyone knows what I mean.)

The Hands Dealt

So… no, I’ve not actually seen Doctor Strange yet, and I’m still wondering whether I want to spend money on it- and if so, how much. (In case you’re a Christian who’s wondering the same thing, this might help you out.) However, not having watched a movie doesn’t stop me from listening to the soundtrack, and while I didn’t love the electric guitars in this one, it had its piano moments. Meet one of my new favorite scores: “The Hands Dealt.”

Matt Chandler on Abortion

And now, the video that may start fires. I’m going to share it anyhow. (cue evil laughing) If you’re game, watch as Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church, explains a few of the main reasons why I believe pro-life is the only scientific and ethical position to take.

I’ve Never Been More Scared

Finally, a little humor to cheer us all up. Yes, this video is a few weeks old… but it’s arguably more applicable now than it was before the election. No matter if you live in America or Britain or Cuba or somewhere else, this has been a crazy year of “post-truth,” and Blimey Cow is a helpful dose of reality in the epidemic of insanity.

And that’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back later this week with a few surprises. Happy Monday!