Ebooks for Christmas: A Complimentary Giveaway


Who’s ready for some free books?

Maybe you just happen to be looking for another book to read this winter. Perhaps you have a sister who really loves fantasy. It might even be that you’ve never read a book in your life and would like to try one to see what it’s like… who knows? Whatever your situation, you’ll be happy to know that I and some author friends of mine are giving away eight free eBooks this Christmas, and you have a chance of winning one of them.

Now for the rules! If you want to win one of these lovely thingies, choose one of the entry options and follow the instructions to gain a point. (Hint: you can enter with as many options as you like to increase your chances of winning.) The giveaway starts December 3rd and ends on the 20th, so you’ll have plenty of time to enter. We’ll pick eight winners at random and contact you before Christmas, so you can have your eBook delivered whenever you like.

In case you want to know what you’re winning… it just so happens that I have a list for all you merry folk. Click on the book to read about it on Amazon, and click on the author to see their awesome bookish blogs.

Now for the giveaway, which opens December 3rd and runs through the 20th. Enjoy the fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And come back here over the next few weeks for author interviews and visits. I’ll be visiting some of these other bloggers and hosting them here to talk about books, writing problems, the caffeine content of chocolate… whatever it is, you won’t want to miss it.

As always, happy writing!


14 thoughts on “Ebooks for Christmas: A Complimentary Giveaway

  1. I entered the giveaway linked from Ashley and Kendra – and found your lovely blog because of it! And I am enjoying looking through some of your posts. 🙂


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