Yes, it’s still my blog

Are you lost? Did Hannah A. Krynicki’s blog disappear? Is it all over??

Never fear. It’s still the same blog, just with a cleaner look and a new name. (Hanashlyn is what you get when you ship my first  and middle names.) It may be unexpected… but to be fair, I warned y’all on Twitter, and three of you said it was okay:

So do you like it? I like it. It’s so much cleaner and more elegant this way, I think. I’ll probably be making some minor tweaks this week, but this should be my basic blog design for the next year or so. P.S. I said the same thing about Alen’s War and then changed the color scheme to the exact opposite on the color wheel, so…

And I’ll be back soon with more posts and gifs and other bloggy goodies. In the meantime, Happy 4th!


4 thoughts on “Yes, it’s still my blog

  1. Oh wow it looks great! Kinda sad you didn’t go with the Submarine 😛 but it looks great! When I checked back I was like “Oh! she changed things up, time to go looking around!”

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