I’m Hannah Krynicki, a Christian writer who loves debate, philosophy, and stories about dragons. That is, I really care about the truth. 

People call me “sheltered” because a) my parents made sure I knew how to think for myself from a young age, b) I did school in my home instead of a government-funded building, and c) I have nine younger siblings here plus one in heaven. Personally, I would call those things three of the greatest blessings of my life, but I don’t know- maybe that’s just me.

Partly as a result of that, but mostly because of God’s mercy, I grew up into a born-again Christ-follower. Now I read lots of books- mostly the Bible- and I think all the time- a side effect of reading the Bible- and somewhere along the way, all the thinking and study turned into a love of writing. It’s only natural; after all, through stories we discover truth about the real world. 

Anyway, this is my blog. Here, I share my own daily experiences, questions and thoughts I have during the week, and the truths of life I pick up along the way, in the hopes of helping other people learn them the faster way. It’s also the writing blog of one very strange INTJ (that’s me by the way, hello), so you’ll also see a bit about villains, Tolkien, and sarcasm.

Have fun exploring!

You can see the books I have written or am writing here. (You won’t be disappointed.)

Check out some of my posts. You might like the one about why I write.

Then, if you enjoy my blog and want more updates, you can find me on social media:

10 thoughts on “About

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  2. This page is very well written, as usual. 🙂 I actually found your blog through your mother’s blog, which I found through trying to find a way to memorise the 10 commandments, and I am so glad I decided to memorise the 10 commandments that day because I love your blog. (Does that make sense?) Sorry, I am rambling. I will stop now. 🙂

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