Very Young Writers: What Characters Do

Hello again, VYWs (and all other writers)! This is totally unrelated, but  do you remember Ship's Log by Brandis, that little Alen's War fanfic I wrote (except it's canon because I wrote it and I'm the author)? Well, school is done, and I finally wrote part two on Figment. Go check it out. Now, let's talk for a minute about characters. You probably … Continue reading Very Young Writers: What Characters Do

Of Surveys and Updates

Well. We haven't talked for awhile. I apologize that I've almost completely disappeared from the internet over the past few weeks. School leaves me nearly zero time for writing or blogging (not to mention sucks away my motivation for it), so it may be a little while before I'm back to my normal pace of … Continue reading Of Surveys and Updates

In Which I Reveal a Title, Plot, and Characters

Life struck last week, and by life I mean wisdom teeth surgery, clep tests, and some form of head cold. Maybe it's time for a nice easy update. Oh, I know- how about a writing update? This is a writing blog, after all, and I did promise to write blog posts about my works-in-progress. So … Continue reading In Which I Reveal a Title, Plot, and Characters