To Christians With “Overprotective” Parents

Here are two things you should know. 1: This post is a letter written to Christian kids under age eighteen. If you're not a Christian and/or child and you want to read this post, take it for what it is: not written for you. 2: This is an insanely-super-long post, so if you don't have a … Continue reading To Christians With “Overprotective” Parents

Why That Movie Wasn’t a Failure

I've been confused for some time about the complaints of Star Wars fans of The Force Awakens. You have probably heard them... "That's not a story; that's a pitiful fraction of a story." "There wasn't enough character development!" "How can I understand this story? The movie raised more questions than it answered." But the people who say … Continue reading Why That Movie Wasn’t a Failure

The Wings of Antheon: Author Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of beta-reading a debut fantasy book. Ellyana J. Wenceslao, also known as E.J W on her blog, is another young author who, like myself, has a fascination for fantastical worlds, and she recently decided to publish her first book, The Wings of Antheon. Yes, you all have to know about this, and I'll tell you why … Continue reading The Wings of Antheon: Author Interview

Playing by the Rules with Description

Narrative is tricky stuff. Writing teachers throw all kinds of rules at us. Show, don't tell. Vary the length of your sentences. Show, don't tell. Adverbs are taboo. Show, don't tell. Oh, did I mention showing and not telling? Fantasy writers have the hardest job of all, it seems. When it comes to description, not only are … Continue reading Playing by the Rules with Description