To Christians With “Overprotective” Parents

Here are two things you should know. 1: This post is a letter written to Christian kids under age eighteen. If you're not a Christian and/or child and you want to read this post, take it for what it is: not written for you. 2: This is an insanely-super-long post, so if you don't have a … Continue reading To Christians With “Overprotective” Parents

Thank You

So, yeah, inspiration is not a thing for me this week. I was thinking about this post from my old Christian blog lately, and I figured the rest of you might like to read (or re-read) it as well. And even if you're not a Christian, you might still like to hear an "insider story" … Continue reading Thank You

Doctor Strange; or, Why I Won’t Recommend My New Favorite Movie

Long story short, I saw Doctor Strange in theaters twice and am now slightly obsessed. What else to say? This film is by far the most skillful rehash of the Marvel storyline, with a solid story and some more thoughtful themes than we've seen previously. It has beautiful cinematography and CGI, masterful storytelling, and an epic soundtrack by … Continue reading Doctor Strange; or, Why I Won’t Recommend My New Favorite Movie


This is a post from my old blog, A Heart Devoted. I was going to repost this on Christmas, but I realized that as we look back on this year, we would do well to remember these promises for 2017.  “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” … Continue reading Peace

Dear Fellow Writers: No Man Is an Island

Did you enter the eBook giveaway yet? It's still open, and you can enter as many times as you like, so be sure to jump in! Now, enjoy my latest missive.  Dear fellow writers, I need your help. We're in a war. This is the age of information, and books are written quickly and in huge quantities. … Continue reading Dear Fellow Writers: No Man Is an Island

Cut and Paste

This is my very first non-writing post on this blog, so I've decided to tackle a nice easy topic: the nature of faith in a postmodern age. And of course, by "easy," I mean controversial and complex. Did you know Thomas Jefferson rewrote the Bible? Well... that isn't the politically correct story. Jefferson, himself a Deist … Continue reading Cut and Paste