Of Surveys and Updates

Well. We haven't talked for awhile. I apologize that I've almost completely disappeared from the internet over the past few weeks. School leaves me nearly zero time for writing or blogging (not to mention sucks away my motivation for it), so it may be a little while before I'm back to my normal pace of … Continue reading Of Surveys and Updates

I Have Been Tagged

Today is a big day, kids. Not because it's Valentine's Day, nor because it's the digital release date for Doctor Strange. No, this marks the first time that I realized that I was nominated for a tag and then forgot to take it. Hooray me! Maybe this is just what college looks like, or perhaps I'm finally losing … Continue reading I Have Been Tagged

Self-Publishing Part 5: The Dark World of Advertising

Are we already done? This is the last day of the self-publishing Q&A series! Read the previous posts here: Part 1: Pros and Cons Part 2: Options Part 3: Step-by-Step Part 4: Covers So... what remains? We have, seemingly, covered everything about self-publishing. Or have we? Our final question is an appropriate one. Olivia asks: Do you … Continue reading Self-Publishing Part 5: The Dark World of Advertising