Free Books? Indie eCon 2017 Book Awards

Just a friendly reminder that my book Alen's War is free for the next five days! All this thanks to the Indie e-Con Book Awards. The best part of this contest is that, for the next week, all y'all fantastical readers can head over to Amazon and download any or all of the eligible books … Continue reading Free Books? Indie eCon 2017 Book Awards

The Day Is Here

Yes! Hahaha! The time has come, the day long awaited. Alen's War releases today! Get the paperback book here or the Kindle edition here (If you won the giveaway last month, you'll get your free eBook today.) Even better, once you buy the paperback, you can add the Kindle version for just 99 cents with the Matchbook program. … Continue reading The Day Is Here

Giveaway Winners

A quick congratulations is in order! I'll be sending you your free ebooks on July 28th. Mazel tov! And thank you to all who entered. Hold out until July 28th... it will be worth it. For now, you can read the first three chapters of Alen's War on Figment.

Cover Reveal, Survey, and a Giveaway

The title says it all. Next week we'll be back to a normal posting schedule, I promise; but for now, we get some new goodies for Alen's War! Cover first... Ah, I fooled you, didn't I? (sneaky Sheriff of Nottingham face) I said before that the color scheme would probably be deep red, but then I turned around … Continue reading Cover Reveal, Survey, and a Giveaway

The Nitty-Gritty of Alen’s War

Here it is: the Big Blog Post about my upcoming novel, Alen's War. And this one will be fun. Let's begin with the updated blurb. Which is probably the strangest word in the English language. This is likely the version that will end up on the back of the book, but suggestions are welcome before I finish the final cover design: … Continue reading The Nitty-Gritty of Alen’s War

No Shame in Starting Over

By now y'all probably know that I am writing a YA fantasy book called Alen's War.  If you read my first post on the project, you might remember that I struggled a little with the characterization of the main villain. You may even have read the first-draft snippets on Facebook this week. What you probably don't know is … Continue reading No Shame in Starting Over