The Humor of Walter Mitty

Two notes. One: Spoilers for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will follow, and this is one movie that you don't want spoiled. Two: When you watch the film, know that I've only seen it on VidAngel (similar to ClearPlay), and from what I've heard, I don't recommend watching this one without filters. Go watch it on VidAngel, and then … Continue reading The Humor of Walter Mitty

The Bad Dinosaur, Part 2

Did you miss Part 1? If so, go read that first and then come back here for the finale of my first official movie rant.  Alas, my hopes for the rest of the film were instead dashed on the superbly-animated rocks, for the remainder of the film had a lot of story problems, all of … Continue reading The Bad Dinosaur, Part 2

Slow-Mo Is Dangerous

A few months ago, I sat down with the clan to watch a new family movie. Very clean, decently executed, and for the most part well-acted- but I didn't enjoy it. It felt slow and stuffy for some reason, almost as if I was watching a series of gifs, and I wondered why. I only realized the … Continue reading Slow-Mo Is Dangerous

What’s the Problem With Exposition? (Part Two)

What to do about exposition? In the last post, I effectively deprived us of the three most popular devices for handling it; what remains in your writer's toolbox? We cannot simply leave the backstory out and expect the reader to keep up. For one thing, some amount of explanation is absolutely necessary to tell an intelligible … Continue reading What’s the Problem With Exposition? (Part Two)

What’s the Problem With Exposition? (Part 1)

Let's be honest, fellow fantasy writers. Plenty of authors have turned the word "exposition" almost into a curse word, and we with our epic plots and magic battles are the worst offenders. The very mention of the e-word makes all of us shudder, writer and reader alike, and yet when readers pick up a new fantasy … Continue reading What’s the Problem With Exposition? (Part 1)