I Have Been Tagged

Today is a big day, kids. Not because it's Valentine's Day, nor because it's the digital release date for Doctor Strange. No, this marks the first time that I realized that I was nominated for a tag and then forgot to take it. Hooray me! Maybe this is just what college looks like, or perhaps I'm finally losing … Continue reading I Have Been Tagged

Q&A Tag

Remember last week when I said I had another tag challenge for us? Well, it's time to do that. Welcome to the immensely popular Q&A Tag! For which I have been kindly tagged by Ellyanna, your friendly neighborhood queen of Narnia. Muchas gracias, Elly! Again, we have some simple rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Answer the … Continue reading Q&A Tag

The Book-Room Challenge

Hey, kids, guess what? I'm not actually dead! It just happens that I've been tagged by not one, but two of my favorite bloggers in an already-busy month. But... of all the kinds of busy, this is the bestistest. This week, we're just going to start with the one, but come back next week because we'll have some more awesome … Continue reading The Book-Room Challenge

Quote Challenge: Day Three

We come to the last day of this little adventure. As Shakespeare would say, "Goodnight! Parting is such sweet sorrow / That I shall say goodnight till it be morrow." But of course that's not The Quote. A reminder of the rules: Thank the person who nominated you (thank you heartily, gretald!) Nominate 3 new bloggers … Continue reading Quote Challenge: Day Three

Quote Challenge: Day Two

Ah, this is so late! I suppose that's what I get for being sick on the weekend. Anyway, welcome to the second day of the Quote Challenge! This is getting to be fun. Let's get down to it. For those of you with short-term memory loss, here are the rules again. 😉 Thank the person who … Continue reading Quote Challenge: Day Two

Quote Challenge Tag: Day One

Once again, gretald at Writing Like Crazy has nominated me for a tag! The good news: It's all about quotes, things that I love to use to knock my blog readers off their feet with awesomeness. The bad news: It involves lots of tagging of bloggers, and historically I have been terrible at finding other bloggers … Continue reading Quote Challenge Tag: Day One