27 Things I Accidentally Did This School Term

(desperately searches for a gif that suits the insanity of this semester) (oh there’s one) (it’s Sherlock even better)

Miracles do happen. I’m alive, people!

Granted, I am 1000% ready for the summer. I’ve got a bunch of fun plans for the next few (i.e. million) blog posts. In the meantime, though, I’m just trying to recover from the last two months of my life. You would not believe the insanity if I tried to describe them. However, insanity is sometimes better communicated in a list format, which is why I’m going to tell you about it in a list of 27 things I randomly did this semester without ever planning to do them.

So in case you ever wanted to know, here’s why I disappeared over the last two months. Not a thinking post, just a rant to say hello and hopefully make someone laugh. I did some good things as well as some not-so-wise things. Learn from my mistakes and copy the things I did right, and hopefully you will survive your junior year as well. (Maybe.)

In the past half-semester of school, I:

  1. Signed up for five courses in eight weeks.

  2. Subsequently learned that you’re only supposed to take two or three courses in eight weeks.

  3. Tested the “you need at least eight hours of sleep in order to function normally” hypothesis. It is in fact true.

  4. Learned how to bluff my way through a paper.

  5. Wrote a total of 28 essays (some shorter, some longer, there is no in between).

  6. Got really, really good at finding scholarly sources for papers.

  7. Mastered the skill of citing those sources in multiple formats in my sleep.

  8. Tweeted a lot about #college and #studentlife. (Still did not learn how to use Facebook.)

  9. Concluded that I go to college with a bunch of Andersons.

  10. Speaking of Anderson,  finally sat down and watched Sherlock. 

  11. Became a full-fledged & slightly insane Sherlockian (see also: gif).

  12. Also watched Doctor Strange way more often than I should have.

  13. Perplexedly tried to figure out why most people I talked to hate Doctor Strange.

  14. Basically watched any movie that has Benedict Cumberbatch as a sarcastic jerk.

  15. Wrote parodies for Doctor Strange and Rogue One.

  16. Perfected an impression of Mads Mikkelsen for aforementioned parodies.

  17. Discovered just how hard it is for American me to learn a Danish accent.

  18. Did not do any decent filming- we must hold out until the summer. Sigh…

  19. Re-wired yet another old draft of a novel.

  20. Turned that novel into a fantasy thriller turned romance novel turned Greek tragedy turned… well, I don’t really know what it is yet, but it’s cool.

  21. Invented an eccentric INTP who may will probably turn out to be an antagonist.

  22. Also invented his twin ESFJ sister who is the sweetest little cinnamon roll that ever managed a kingdom.

  23. Let my characters start another war. They’re really good at that.

  24. Published two whole blog posts (although I admit one of those was written beforehand).

  25. Promised myself I would take off the summer and resisted any and all attempts by my college to get me to come back.

  26. Made a resolution to take violin lessons.

  27. Ranted about all of it on my blog.

So that was the last few months of school for me. Needless to say, I’m just glad the semester is over, and I plan to have a lot of fun during the next one.

Happy summer, kids.

Doctor Strange || Coat and Cloak:


Six Types of Writers on the Internet

Hallo, people of the writing world (and anyone else who happened to come this week)! I’m afraid I don’t have anything fancy today. Some major changes to a WIP plus a new school semester have taken up much of my time… but then I couldn’t just leave everyone hanging, so I wrote a quick, funny little post that will help us get through the week. Here are six kinds of writers you can find almost anywhere on the internet- and for the record, I see a bit of all of them in myself, so someone else is bound to find them relatable too. Enjoy…

The self-pubbed teen

Probably published one full-length YA novel, three fairy tale retellings, and five hundred blog posts while working two day jobs, all before graduating high school. No one knows how these teens do it, but there has been talk of sorcerous tricks. After all, these people are usually homeschoolers; no one really knows what they do during the school day. Hmm…

The social media guru

Defined by a tweet:

Just wrote 500 words with only one cup of coffee 😂😂😂 lol I love my #writerslife! #amtweeting

The snowflake activist

Except he/she/it isn’t actually a snowflake, but rather a forty-something trying to fit in with the millennials by writing blog rants about perceived injustice. Activists have the rare skill of finding something offensive in every single book and are thus impossible to satisfy. The activists: proudly exposing every brand of istphobia since 1970. Writing optional.

The marketer

Similar to the guru, except that marketers tweet, post, and pin for the sole explicit purpose of getting you to buy their books. Attention, interest, desire, action… every rule you learned in your sophomore business class comes into play with this writer. You can click the link to learn all about this new book, and you should totally enter this giveaway for a chance to win it. Heck, there’s probably even a Twitter account and hashtag devoted to snippets and promotional banners.

The whiner

Isn’t everyone (read: yours truly) guilty of this? So much trouble with a particular WIP or character. Cannot even function after a long day of work. Has no time to write. Sympathy-seekers always have either an extreme case of writer’s block or a truckload of feels; there is no in between, and nothing good ever happens to them in their tortured artistic pursuits.

The self-conscious Literature major

#writing is a real job #it’s bleeping hard #I am not required to live up to your expectations of a so-called “real job” #because writers are a whole new level of human beings #our imaginations are deep and refined #places where reality is translated into possibilities and what-ifs #and without writers your life would be meaningless as bleep #so I am not defined by your opinion of my writing #which is why I took the time to write this very long and insecure tumblr post #and if you can’t appreciate my magnificence #try writing your own bleeping book #get back to me when you finish draft one #dropping the mic

That’s all, folks! Do you fit in any of these categories, or is there a seventh kind of writer that I neglected to mention? Chat in the comments!