For Your Consideration

As you may have noticed, blog posts just aren’t happening this week (or last week). So *cue the optimism* here’s a few things to watch and read instead!

First: How to Write a Blog Post in 70 Minutes or Less. Now I don’t think it’s always possible to crank out a blog post in an hour (case in point: me), so this video isn’t quite as useful on that front. However, this interview with Michael Hyatt contains some perfect writing gems, particularly on what it means to grow as a writer. So check it out:

Second: Learn from Write About Dragons. It’s been on my Links list for some time now, but every author should take advantage of this site, which has two years’ worth of college-level lectures from authors like Brandon Sanderson on everything from worldbuilding to humor. Check it out here.

Third: Some Thoughts on Beta Readers. An article from Roger Colby that I found quite helpful, even though I’m not anywhere near the beta-reading phase just now. The infographic with questions will certainly come in handy.

Last: I’m back on Pinterest. So you can go check out my boards and see if you find any interesting tidbits, and please recommend any boards that you think would be cool!

That’s all for now, and we’ll get back to regular posting soon; I promise. Godspeed and good day!


What a Writer Does When She’s Not Writing

So today I finished the “final” draft of Alen’s War.

How’s that for some bathos?

I didn’t want to think about biology or literature or any other such college stuff, so instead I dressed up three of my siblings as well-to-do 1920s folk and dragged them to a school parking lot. Then we filmed a slapstick video about the misfortunes of a dandy named Charlie.

Why do I share this on the writing blog? To prove that the old “show, don’t tell” rule is easy enough for anybody to understand- including my ten-year-old sister. Check it out:

So now you know.